Salome: Biblical Girls Will be Biblical Girls

Salome, Ella Ferris Pell, 1890

After identifying Judith you might ask, okay so how do you know if it's Salome? It's a little easier. But unlike Judith Salome is a pawn. But from famous paintings, you might not think so. This is a bit of a defence of Salome. Yes, she probably shouldn't be asking for the heads of holy people, but let us look at the source text before coming to conclusions.

Inventive to the End: Le Chat Noir’s Shadow Theatre

Imagine walking upstairs into a massive smoky room. Pearls of laughter and fierce discussions about the arts echo throughout it. Then on the stage, a host of shadows grace the stage. But it's not a mere shadow puppet display you might put on with your siblings. They're massive puppets of armies with intricate detail. The 2-D surface looks like it goes on for miles. The puppets play out wars and romance and revolutions.

Wicked Humour: The Hydropathes and Incohérents

Artistic groups sprang from the cabarets of Montmartre. Two of these were the Incohérents and the Hydropathes. I had never heard of them before researching this topic. Likely because they're both seminal groups for more famous movements like the Dadaists. Also because most of the information about them is in French. (I am not fluent.) But they're… Continue reading Wicked Humour: The Hydropathes and Incohérents