Pre-Raphaelites and The Eve of St. Agnes

Madeline after Prayer, Daniel Maclise, 1868

Have you heard of the Eve of St. Agnes? I hadn't before I read the Keats poem. It's filled with exquisite detail. So no wonder it's inspired so many artists. I also didn't know it helped spur the Pre-Raphaelite movement. Here's a brief history of St. Agnes. She's a saint in the Catholic tradition since… Continue reading Pre-Raphaelites and The Eve of St. Agnes

Salome: Biblical Girls Will be Biblical Girls

Salome, Ella Ferris Pell, 1890

After identifying Judith you might ask, okay so how do you know if it's Salome? It's a little easier. But unlike Judith Salome is a pawn. But from famous paintings, you might not think so. This is a bit of a defence of Salome. Yes, she probably shouldn't be asking for the heads of holy people, but let us look at the source text before coming to conclusions.