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Sybil Tawse: A Forgotten Golden Age Illustrator

Medea by Sybil Tawse

Today, I wanted to look at Sybil Tawse. One, she had a fabulous name. Two, I just found her while looking at some Talos stuff – yeah the big bronze guy. Her work is very much in the style of Heath Robinson and Edmund Dulac. And even though she doesn’t have their clout today, she was illustrating popular classics in an unabashedly “feminine” style in her day.

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Horrible Heroes: Theseus

Imagine a princess is about to help you defeat a beast. She’s mad into you but you’re not so into her. What do you do?

  1. Take her help but introduce her to your super chill friend Nathan later
  2. Refuse her help. You’re a hero, damn it.
  3. Take her help, lead her on, then abandon her off on a cannibal and drunk infested island.

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Terrifying Babies in Italy and Norway

It’s been a stressful few weeks. I’ve been doing some work for a big festival, but it’s calmed down now. Now to try and move across the sea again. (Wish me luck.)

So, for a laugh (for my own benefit, thank you), here’s a handful of depictions of terrifying babies, and one toddler. I came across them in Rome and Oslo – apparent hubs of disturbing children in art.

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