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Horrible Heroes: Theseus

Imagine a princess is about to help you defeat a beast. She’s mad into you but you’re not so into her. What do you do?

  1. Take her help but introduce her to your super chill friend Nathan later
  2. Refuse her help. You’re a hero, damn it.
  3. Take her help, lead her on, then abandon her off on a cannibal and drunk infested island.

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Terrifying Babies in Italy and Norway

It’s been a stressful few weeks. I’ve been doing some work for a big festival, but it’s calmed down now. Now to try and move across the sea again. (Wish me luck.)

So, for a laugh (for my own benefit, thank you), here’s a handful of depictions of terrifying babies, and one toddler. I came across them in Rome and Oslo – apparent hubs of disturbing children in art.

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Inventive to the End: Le Chat Noir’s Shadow Theatre

Hey, it’s the final Le Chat Noir post! We end with the amazing Shadow Theatre.

Imagine walking upstairs into a massive smoky room. Pearls of laughter and fierce discussions about the arts echo throughout it. Then on the stage, a host of shadows grace the stage. But it’s not a mere shadow puppet display you might put on with your siblings. They’re massive puppets of armies with intricate detail. The 2-D surface looks like it goes on for miles. The puppets play out wars and romance and revolutions.

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